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Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church
2415 8th Avenue, Terre Haute, IN 47804
 (812) 232-0582

  Pastor Mark A. Evans               

Ushers and Greeters

Mission Statement

The Usher Ministry serves as the church doorkeepers to ensure that worshipers feel welcome and assist the Pastor by maintaining reverence and order so members and visitors may receive the message. To become an usher, one must adopt a kingdom’s life style in one’ attitude and actions. This way a church usher is both a servant of God and of people.  The usher’s time and talent are directed primarily toward building, affirming and supporting the work of the body of Christ.


Usher, the word suggest service to the church – such as greeting people with our smiles, seating them, handing out bulletins, assisting in the collection of the offerings, attending to the needs of the worshipers and practicing hospitality. The usher’s ministry is a ministry of love. We must be sensitive to God’s will and the need of the people. We must be effective dispensers of God’s love. We must be friendly to everyone. A big smile on our faces goes a long way. Knowledge, prayer and skill are all involved in the ministry of ushering.