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Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church
2415 8th Avenue, Terre Haute, IN 47804
 (812) 232-0582

  Pastor Mark A. Evans               

Music Ministry

Music is a specialized ministry and has many values. The Music Ministry shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, provides encouragement to believers in their walk with Christ and leads the congregation in worship and praise. Music serves as a means of  enlistment. It is capable of making a genuine contribution to the spiritual growth of individuals as well as for the membership of  the physical church. Music encompasses many attributes of praise and serves as a means of worship. We worship God by singing our petitions, praises, adoration's, intercessions and dedications.We praise in songs as well as dance. When we come together in love and fellowship lifting our voices with songs our hearts are better prepared to perform the tasks that are ahead. 


The purpose of the choir is to help bring a sense of celebration to the worship  of   our God, to prompt the congregation in singing praise to God, and  to support those in the congregation in their  efforts to become  creative worshipers, true worshipers who worship  God in spirit    and in truth. Each choir member should sense a personal ministry through his or her musical participation and service as a worship leader. The Holy Spirit uses the choir to teach, inspire, and convict. The deepest spiritual needs of people can be reached through music and the ministry of the choir. 


Mission Statement:

The purpose of Prince of Peace Choir is three-fold:

  1. Glorify God,
  2. Proclaim God's Word through music, and
  3. Minister to and through those who serve in Prince of Peace’s Music Ministry.

The fulfillment of our mission is dependent upon an earnest commitment from each choir member to God, His church and community and to the standards of the choir and   the procedures set forth by the Choir.


Prince Of Peace Choirs: Adult Choir & Youth Choir

Minister Of Music: Dewitt Jackson Jr. 

Director: Ramicia Hicks

Choir President: Tammy Williams 

Musicians: Chris Bradley, Isaiah Evans, Tyree Steven Nelson